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Finished Guitar and Nesting Dolls

Posted on 2010.04.23 at 02:28
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I finally finished the project in my last post, the guitar. It came out great, but then again my opinion is biased since I'm the one who spent time on this piece.

For over a week, possibly week and a half, I worked on another project as well. I've always had a fascination with nesting dolls since my mother bought me one in Fredericksburg, Tx. Unfortunately I only own one set but I hope to expand my collection, some day. I've had the notion to try and create my own and a few months back I found a plain wooden set of six nesting dolls at Hobby Lobby, all ready to be painted. I finally got to working on them. I used a Day of the Dead theme with them. They look like pale faced skeleton ladies with silver bonnets, black dress, blushed cheeks and dark lips. Over all, I think they're very cute. I just posted them for sale on Etsy about two days ago.

I bought a new set and I already have an idea as to how I will decorate my next project.

Creating all this stuff helps me forget I constantly feel tired. Rarely do I feel well. Actually, this past Monday I found out I was hypoglycemic. I'm not sick enough to need medication, but I have to monitor what I eat and when I eat it. It isn't so bad and I am already getting an idea as to what foods affect me. It's amazing, but I think I might have to give up Jasmine Green Tea. This is torture. It would be wise to attempt a food journal for the next two weeks as recommended so I can get a better understand of what makes me feel more alive and what drags me down.

If anyone doesn't know what hypoglycemia is, it is low blood sugar. It means my blood sugar drops and it can even be dangerous if not taken care of. I'm not one to pass out constantly but I tend to feel light headed and dizzy ALOT. That's no fun.



Till next time...=)

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